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I have been blessed to have a relationship with Mitch for 25 years. I have generated over $30 million in sales as a result of his tutelage. Get Mitch's training and absorb it.

Bob Blackburn

Sales and Marketing Director

The NEW Game of Selling language is so easy to understand that it is a true game changer for women entrepreneurs. As Mitch says: "If ever there were a time for NEW, it is NOW!

Michelle Price

A Third Mind Digital Media

What you shared with me this morning I converted into a 5-figure commitment this afternoon. Working together less than one week and I already got many times my investment back. Thanks.

Robert Ian

Author and Consultant

“Mitch conducted three of the most heavily attended and lauditorily reviewed tele-conference calls we ever sponsored, with 200 marketing consultants in one day. His seminar is two of the most illuminating and expansive days you will ever spend. If you want to be a sales Green Beret, and increase sales, call Mitch.”

Jay Abraham

Marketing Consultant

“Your mentoring and playing The NEW Game of Selling resulted in a $30,000 assignment in the first month. Without your help I would not have had the courage, the structure or the words. I got a big financial return on investment working with you. I got an even bigger lift in my courage, confidence, competence and commitment. Your advice, counsel and mentoring have transformed my business and changed my life.”

Shirley Dalton

Business Strategist

“Mitch teaches common sense. Listen to what he says. He is the best in the world at making the business game simple and effective. The ‘Breakfast with Fran” calls we did with Mitch are our best ever. Mitch is the best person I know in the world to talk about marketing and sales.”

Fran Tarkenton

Hall of Fame Quarterback and Billion Dollar Business Owner

“Mitch Axelrod is my secret weapon. He completely rerouted my thinking. Just 10 minutes after his short coaching I nailed my first major media interview. The NEW Game of Selling has changed my entire business. More important, Mitch’s advice and counsel have transformed my life. Bravo, Mitch!’

Marilyn Horowitz

Author, Producer, Writing Coach, NYU Professor

“After listening to Mitch’s one hour, One Coach Clinic, a woman business owner inked a $140,000 contract she said was a direct result of what Mitch discussed!”

John Assaraf

Best Selling Author, Founder of ONE Coach, featured in movies “The Secret” and “Pass It On!”

“First I speak to G-d. Then I call Mitch. He is among my most trusted friends and an awesome coach. I measured my blood chemistry before and after working with Mitch. His compassion, encouragement and wisdom have literally altered my body’s chemistry. I’m healthier in mind and body. He’s more than a game changing business coach. He’s a healer.”

Bija Bennett

Author and Workshop Leader

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